Who is Myron Ebell?

The Story of Myron Ebell—In 4 Acts


The White House's EPA transition 
lead, Myron Ebell, created the 
blueprint for the new administration's 
climate change policy.

Act 1

Myron Ebell grew up on a 2,000 acre ranch, studied philosophy and politics in college, and then went to work in Washington on public policy—focusing on matters like property rights & federal lands. His primary goal was to work against environmental regulation in the name of property rights. 

Act 2

In the mid-90s, Ebell joined the Frontiers for Freedom institute—where he continued to work against environmental regulation in the name of property rights and fought against the protection of endangered species. 

Act 3

In the late-90s, Ebell expanded his anti-regulatory efforts at Frontiers for Freedom and began his campaign to persuade Americans to ignore legitimate climate scientists by claiming that "significant uncertainties exist in climate science.” After Ebell presented this strategy at a meeting in April of 1998—to a group of climate change skeptics that included an array of oil companies—ExxonMobil began providing funding for Frontiers for Freedom.

Act 4

Despite having no expertise or training in any scientific field, Ebell has continued his campaign to discredit hundreds of legitimate climate scientists for the last two decades. He's spent most of that time serving as the Director of Global Warming Policy for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which is heavily funded by oil & coal companies.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it, because Ebell himself openly admits that this is who he is and what he believes (he simply claims that his work is not influenced by the oil companies that have funded it). Ebell has even admitted that he believes Global Warming is a good thing, and declared it proudly in the op-ed he wrote titled "Love Global Warming." 

Listen to Myron Ebell Describe Himself & His Beliefs in His Own Words...

Myron Ebell: “What’s wrong with milder winters, anyway?”  (from "Love Global Warming")