Full List of Who's Crossing (& How Often)

Republican Representatives who have voted Pro-Climate in 2017

Fitzpatrick* (PA-8): 3 Pro-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44

Curbelo* (FL-26): 2 Pro-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38

Ros-Lehtinen* (FL-27): 2 Pro-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38

LoBiondo (NJ-2): 2 Pro-Climate vote [H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44]

Smith (NJ-4): 2 Pro-Climate vote [H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44]

Sanford (SC-1): 2 Pro-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38

Reichert* (WA-8): 2 Pro-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38]

Mast* (FL-18): 1 Pro-Climate vote [H.J.Res.36

Poliquin (ME-2): 1 Pro-Climate vote [H.J.Res.38]

Lance (NJ-7): 1 Pro-Climate vote [H.J.Res.44]

Faso (NY-19): 1 Pro-Climate vote [H.J.Res.36

Stefanik* (NY-21): 1 Pro-Climate vote [H.J.Res.36

Katko (NY-24): 1 Pro-Climate vote [H.J.Res.36

Costello* (PA-6): 1 Pro-Climate vote [H.J.Res.36]

Meehan* (PA-7): 1 Pro-Climate vote [H.J.Res.36

Herrera-Beutler (WA-3): 1 Pro-Climate vote [H.J.Res.38

Republican Senators who have voted Pro-Climate in 2017 

Collins (ME): 2 Pro-Climate votes [H.J.Res.38, Confirmation of Pruitt to EPA


Republican Members of Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus who have voted Anti-Climate in 2017  

Issa* (CA-49):  3 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44

Bacon* (NE-2):  3 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44

Zeldin* (NY-1): 3 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44]  

Amodei* (NY-2): 3 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44

Love* (UT-4): 3 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44

Mast* (FL-18): 2 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44]

Stefanik* (NY-21): 2 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44]

Costello* (PA-6): 2 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44]

Meehan* (PA-7): 2 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44

Curbelo* (FL-26): 1 Anti-Climate vote [H.J.Res.44

Ros-Lehtinen* (FL-27): 1 Anti-Climate vote [H.J.Res.44

Reichert* (WA-8): 1 Anti-Climate vote [H.J.Res.44


Democratic Representatives who have voted Anti-Climate in 2017

Peterson (MN-7): 3 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44

Cuellar (TX-28): 3 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38H.J.Res.44

Costa (CA-16): 2 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.36H.J.Res.38

Sinema (AR-9): 1 Anti-Climate vote [H.J.Res.44]

Bishop (GA-2): 1 Anti-Climate vote [H.J.Res.38

Schrader (OR-7): 1 Anti-Climate vote [H.J.Res.44]

Democratic Senators who have voted Anti-Climate in 2017

Heitkamp (ND): 2 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.38Confirmation of Pruitt to EPA

Manchin (WV): 2 Anti-Climate votes [H.J.Res.38Confirmation of Pruitt to EPA]  

Donnelly (IN): 1 Anti-Climate vote [H.J.Res.38]   

McCaskill (MO): 1 Anti-Climate vote [H.J.Res.38]  

*Member of Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus