Climate in Congress — Weekly Updates (2/13–2/24)

Although the no new Anti-Climate legislation has been introduced since the 2nd week of February, the Senate sent chills through Pro-Climate forces across America with the confirmation of long-time opponent of the EPA & proponent of Anti-Climate policy, Scott Pruitt.

Here's how it happened...

• On February 17, 2017—a day that will live in infamy among Pro-Climate forces—the Senate voted 54-46 to confirm former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as the new Administrator of the EPA. 

Pruitt was confirmed despite the fact that, on the eve of the vote, courts ordered the nominee to make public thousands of emails that likely presented evidence of Pruitt's secret collaboration with Devon Energy during his legal battles with the EPA as Attorney General (update: they did). 

See who crossed the aisle to oppose Pruitt and who crossed to support him.

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