Climate & Business

Following the election in November 2016, more than 300 U.S. companies signed an open letter urging the new President to support the Paris Agreement. The companies represent a wide spectrum of American business interests, and the list features more than 70 companies whose annual revenue exceeds $100 million. In part, their letter states:

“We want the US economy to be energy efficient and powered by low-carbon energy. Cost-effective and innovative solutions can help us achieve these objectives. Failure to build a low-carbon economy puts American prosperity at risk. But the right action now will create jobs and boost US competitiveness. We pledge to do our part, in our own operations and beyond, to realize the Paris Agreement’s commitment of a global economy that limits global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius.
Implementing the Paris Agreement will enable and encourage businesses and investors to turn the billions of dollars in existing low-carbon investments into the trillions of dollars the world needs to bring clean energy and prosperity to all.
We support leaders around the world as they seek to implement the Paris Agreement and leverage this historic opportunity to tackle climate change.”

Although there is resistance to forward-thinking climate policy within industries that are at risk of losing market share to more efficient, economical and Pro-Climate solutions in sectors like energy—the Pro-Climate movement believes that a large majority of forward-thinking business owners and corporations understand that catastrophic climate change poses a genuine and significant risk to the future of America’s economy.

At Cross The Aisle for Climate, we strongly support the business community’s efforts to protect the future and grow our economy by defending Pro-Climate policies like the Paris Agreement and by developing more efficient, economical and Pro-Climate solutions in vital arenas like energy.