Cross the Aisle for Climate

The Real Story Behind the White House's Anti-Climate Agenda

Who is Myron Ebell & Why Should You Care? 

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Who Crossed the Aisle to Save the BLM Rule 2.0? (3/7/17)

Climate in Congress — Weekly Updates (2/13–2/24)

The Pro-Climate Movement is an Open Tent

Cross the Aisle for Climate is a bipartisan Pro-Climate advocacy group—and we strongly believe that all Pro-Climate Americans are welcome in our community: Gun-rights & Gun-control advocates, Pro-life & Pro-choice, Hawks & Doves, everyone & anyone who is Pro-Climate belongs with us. This is a place where you can stand side-by-side with fellow Americans of all different beliefs, united for a common cause of vital importance to our nation.

Communities Are Built Upon Everyone Being Able to do Their Jobs

A long time ago, humans decided that we all couldn’t do everything—so we started to form communities. Our communities have been built by individuals who devoted their lives to vastly different tasks: farmers, doctors, police, plumbers, etc., etc., etc. 

We don’t ask our doctors to plant our food, or our plumbers to patrol our streets, or our exterminators to fix our teeth. So let’s let our scientists be our scientists.

The Pro-Climate movement believes that when we abandon our faith in community, what we’re left with is anarchy. At Cross the Aisle for Climate, we embrace the idea of letting all Americans do their jobs, and letting our scientists be our scientists.

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"Climate Change and the Risk to U.S. National Security" 

 Matthew W. Morgan, LtCol., USMC (Ret.) • Co-founder of Cross the Aisle for Climate

"We Are Americans. We Contain Multitudes." 

 R. Sal Reyes • Co-founder of Cross the Aisle for Climate